What Exactly is ePix?

Promotional Photo Calendar Software

Great for tourism and hospitality, fashion, auto industry...

Displays Your Photography on Users Desktops

Including your Copyright, Logo and live link to your website!


Here's how the screen might look with your own image and (optional) calendar embedded to the desktop with current date marked automatically.

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Create an ePix calendar with your own images and give it to your friends and family! Get 1000 downloads for only $49.95 US*

We will create a special version of the program for you to give to your friends through social networking accounts, Facebook, Twitter or simply by telling them that they can download the ePix with YOUR pictures from our website with a special gift code!

Order NOW for $49.95 - 98% discount!

*Regular price for 100 licenses is $250 ($2.5 per license) or $1250 for 1000 licenses ($1.25 per license), but during this special offer you get 1000 licenses for only $49.95 (5c per license!). You can give them away via social networks for a period of one year after purchase!
Offer is valid through Monday, November 30, 2020  

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