What Exactly is ePix?

Promotional Photo Calendar Software

Great for tourism and hospitality, fashion, auto industry...

Displays Your Photography on Users Desktops

Including your Copyright, Logo and live link to your website!


Here's how the screen might look with your own image and (optional) calendar embedded to the desktop with current date marked automatically.

Apply For The Grant

What can the Grant be used for?

The Grant will cover the Calendar creation service and the full 3 Years of the ePix Software Distribution Licensing fees.

Who can apply?

- Individual photographers who will use the ePix Calendar for their own promotion.
(If you're looking for commercial options, click here.)

What are my chances?

- Grants will be awarded to honor only the exceptionally good photographers that will at the same time be invited to present their work though an online interview published on our site and social network profiles.

We're receiving a lot of applications, and can award only a few Grants. Many photographers, even the great ones, are likely to get rejected. There is no shame in that. Competition is fierce, and jurors' opinion is sometimes biased. We're all humans after all. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your photography.

There's only one way to find out! The prize and the honor are worth trying!

What if I don't win?

- Don't despair! We're always looking for a good photographer! Even if you don't win the Grant, we may be able to find sponsors for your projects.

How much does it cost to apply?

- It's free!

How to apply?

- Just send us a note through the form with a link to your online portfolio. Our representative will get back to you shortly with few questions and further instructions. Applications without the link to an online portfolio will NOT be considered!

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