ePix Editions
A New Publishing Platform
Based on The ePix Wallpaper Calendar

Why should I be interested?


Okay, so you have like a gazillion of social media followers? Cool! How many of them will actually see your posts? Unlike social media followers that may or may not see your posts, all your ePix subscribers will see every single one of your posts, guaranteed!
Are you a photographer? Showcase your work on a regular basis. Build a subscriber base with your original content. Use ePix to introduce new projects to your followers. Or a Marketer? Stay in touch with your users by adding a new communication channel to your promotional arsenal.
By giving away ePix Wallpaper Calendar to your followers, you're giving them extra value in the form of a fully functional program that they will use and enjoy every day! Engaging and always there in front of their eyes, every time they sit down in front of the computer.

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ePix Wallpaper Calendar is a visual medium inspired by the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". It is a desktop computer program that displays the selected photo as a background image, integrates a calendar into the background image, automatically marks the current date and includes a simple diary and note-taking tool.
A simple and useful tool for many, with new images delivered to subscribers' desktops every month, or week, or day. Used wisely, the ePix calendar becomes a new communication channel, with opening rates much higher than any other media!
A channel that's fully under your control! You control what to publish and when. There are no algorithms standing between you and your followers to decide whether your post will be seen by many or just a scarce few!

Start Publishing Today!


Just let us know that you're interested and we'll take it from there. It's simple, really. All that you'll need is one image a month (more if you wish, but that's optional), to create something that people will appreciate. Something that they'll be happy to receive as a gift! A gift that keeps giving on, month after month...

Let's have a chat


Our regular fee starts at about $3,200/year. However, if you are a photographer or an artist and would like to showcase your work by publishing your own ePix Edition as a self-promo, we are willing to discuss possible collaboration! If you plan to sell subscriptions or collect sponsorships, we can offer a revenue sharing agreement.
Feel free to contact us to discuss options without obligation.